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stacey bru

Stacey Bru

Stacey Bru is an illustrator and zinester based in Cochrane, AB. She is originally from Jackfish Lake, Saskatchewan and has been self-publishing comics on the prairies for over a decade. Her work spans a number of topics including mental health issues, ghosts, monsters, queer identity, and vegetables. When not working on her own projects, Stacey does freelance for local organizations, businesses, and festivals.

When not writing her own, Stacey can be found reading, watching, or seeking the tales of others. Her goal is to participate in the great storytelling tradition for as long as she can (and to pet a lot of dogs).


Type of Creator

Illustrator, Writer


List of Work

Anxiety Comics

Gwenn, A Ghost Story

Trophies of The Unseelie Court

Lake Like a Sea

Nice Veggies

Confused Fungi

The Root

Stacey’s Zine Guide

Skull Studies


Panel One Member Since

February 27, 2016