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  /  Shea Proulx

Shea Proulx

Shea Proulx is a Calgary artist with a BFA from Emily Carr and an MFA from the University of British Columbia. Rather than ’emerging’ as an artist after graduating, Shea cocooned somewhat and started a family. In 2013, after ten stimulating years in Vancouver, Shea, her husband, and their two daughters returned to Calgary, the city she grew up in and the one her willing-to-babysit mother has lived in all her life. With that influx of childcare assistance, Shea started a publishing company called Hillgrove Books whose fledgling projects are an embryology themed adult colouring book called Alice In The Womb, followed by ABC Monstrosity, a book for both preschoolers and their off-beat parents to enjoy. She is currently working on a full-colour version of ABC Monstrosity and a new book called Alice at Naptime. Her books are available on Amazon and Etsy.


Type of Creator

Artist, Designer, Letterer, Writer


List of Work:
  • Alice In The Womb (2015) is a visual narrative that features realistic drawings of her eldest daughter’s development, from conception to birth, against a background that slowly evolves into a curious wonderland of forms and creatures. Each phase is accompanied by a figure number which corresponds with a description in lightly-scientific candid glossary.
  • ABC Monstrosity (2016) is an alphabet book where each illustration combines with the illustration that precedes it to form an evolving monster. It includes its own sometimes-scientific, nonsense-filled illustrated glossary where definitions for the more ordinary illustrations are just as bizarre as the ones for monstrosities, pointing out just how much we take for granted in this crazy world. The book flips to become 123 Monstrosity, a counting book where ascending groups of items one typically finds on the floor whilst attending to children combine to form a monster mess!


Panel One Member

September 16, 2016


Fun Fact

I work around caring for my kids, and cram it in wherever I can; standing up between unloading dishes, waiting through swimming lessons, stolen hours when I should be sleeping, blissful but limited set hours when they’re both in school/preschool or are being taken care of by their maternal grandma. It’s very chaotic. I have a studio in my home in Calgary, but it’s usually just a loading zone because of the way I work at this point in my crazy life. There are very tidy looking pictures of the studio on my website. Those are a lie.