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  /  Sam Hester

Sam Hester

After many years of all sorts of freelance art pursuits, Sam Hester discovered graphic recording in 2012. Her solo practice, based in Calgary, Alberta, is called The 23rd Story.

Sam doesn’t have any formal training in this field – she’s just always taken notes this way. She studied literature and art, so that’s part of her background in the creation of visual stories. She also worked as a flight attendant for a long time, which helped her to master the ability to do a lot of fast-paced work in a very limited space while a lot of people watch.

She’s a member of the International Forum of Visual Practitioners, and she’s quite interested in learning from others who do this kind of work. There don’t seem to be too many of us in Western Canada!

Just to clarify, she’s not a graphic facilitator who leads an event with the help of visuals, but rather a visual scribe who will take illustrated meeting minutes at your event. She has noticed that my work is a bit “busier” than other graphic recording charts she’s seen. She is learning as she goes… and that is what makes this work so fascinatingly fun for her!


Type of Creator

Graphic Recorder, Visual Artist


List of Work

The Drawing Book 

The 23rd Story 

Graphic Recording – various


Panel One Member Since

April 06, 2015