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  /  Neal Moogk-Soulis

Neal Moogk-Soulis

Neal Moogk-Soulis has been creative since an early age (just ask his mother about the time that he drew on his antique bed during a nap time, but he digresses). Since 2010, Neal has collaborated with his brother Graham on his baby, PostScript Comic, about the mixed up ever after of fairy tales. He has a degree in English and History from the University of Waterloo. His storytelling tends to the historical (fiction or non-fiction). Neal is witty and sassy, with a dry sense of humour. His art style is heavily influenced by an ongoing love affair with children’s books ranging from Bill Pete, to Eric Carle, to Dr. Seuss, to Mary Blair and more.


Type of Creator

Artist, Publisher, Storyteller, Typesetter, Writer


List of Work

PostScript Comic Strip


Panel One Member Since

March 28, 2018


Fun Fact

I sail really fast boats in the winter on ice, or in the summer on water.