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  /  Luke Burton

Luke Burton

Luke Burton hails from the film and television industry in Calgary Alberta having worked for the art department on such films as Interstellar, The revenant, Fargo the tv series, Borne legacy,Tin star,Hell on wheels and more. He is a full time daddy to a wonderful little boy called Asher and a fiancé to a wonderful lady called Rachel. Since leaving film to focus on his family he has had more time to cultivate his own artistic ideas and hopes to one day throw his own hat into the ring in the form of a graphic novel that feels like a tv show to read. The graphic novel in question is called Alpha Beta which is created with the use of real actors in the city of Calgary to help give the final effect of feeling like a tv show. Luke assembles and directs all the actors to the scenes that he has written and picks through the information to transform into the final product which he affectionately calls “Poor mans’ TV”.
He feels that it is the ideal platform for anyone who wants to make a big budget tv show and has an actual budget of $0.00.

Type of Creator:

Artist, Designer, Illustrator

List of Work:

Alpha-Beta – To Be Released

Panel One Member Since:

February 2, 2018

Fun Fact:

Almost drowned next to a whale shark!