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Low Five Productions

Low Five Productions is an ambitious, entertaining, and creative nexus for an eclectic group of artists and writers. Originally, Low Five was created so that a group of Calgary locals could work on their respective crafts and create engaging and interesting new comics. However, Low Five grew to be much more since its five founding members’ initial plan. It became not just a labour of love, but a legitimate goal for the future. Low Five gained four more members and went from making comics to every form of entertainment its staff could feasibly create. The artists and writers became directors, actors, designers, editors, promoters, event coordinators, and more. Through the strength of its members, Low Five is driven to be a full time production house dedicated to delivering great content.


  • Greg Pilkington
  • Cole Elliot
  • Jasreet “Jazz” Pratap Singh
  • Scott Watmough
  • Billy Martin
  • James Pantuso
  • Ethan Ror
  • Samer Abbas