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  /  Kelly Tsvahl
kelly Tsvahl

Kelly Tsvahl

Kelly Tsvahl is a sequential artist, illustrator and writer with a college background in fashion design. The passion for comic book making has been there since she was a kid, especially when the manga boom of the 1990s hit North America, but after doing comics as a hobby for so long, she decided it was time to take her first serious plunge into comic creation with the webcomic “Under the Dead Skies”.

In addition to Under the Dead Skies, Kelly has been involved with a number of independently published anthologies, and participated in a ton of different fan zines, because she is, in fact, just a huge nerd.


Type of Creator

Artist, Writer


List of Work

Personal Projects

Under the Dead Skies (ongoing as of 2012)
The Little Book of Jo : Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Fashion Fan Zine
Weird Mushrooms Zine

Anthologies and Collaborative Fan Zines

Gold Digger : Swimsuit Edition
Silent Hill Tribute : The Lost Days Fan Art Book and Music Album
Pacific Rim : Beyond the Breach Fan Book
Pacific Arcana : A Pacific Rim Tarot Card Project
Chubby Anthology Book 1 and 2
SAVE + ERASE : An Undertale Fan Zine
A Menagerie of Heroes : The RainFurrest Annual Charity Anthology
Guardians of the Zine : A TWRP Charity Zine
Dream Daddy Photo Book Zine
Horizons : Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Pillarmen Fan Zine


Where to find my work


Panel One Member Since

April 12, 2015


Fun Fact

Kelly played two different zombies in the Calgary based zombie flick “The Dead Mile”. Most notably, the zombie that got smacked in the face with a fire extinguisher after biting someone! Fun times!