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  /  Kasmaya Jaxonne
kasmaya jaxonne

Kasmaya Jaxonne

Kasmaya Jaxonne is a self-taught artist, writer, creator, designer, crafter, seamstress, with a passion for just about anything creative.

She Self Published her comic series Blind Eye, created around the antagonist Xerxes Draco and his struggle to maintain a grip on his domain as he searches for a way to stop himself from dying.

She has an avid love of pretty much anything that’s a critter, especially fluffy ones! This is reflected in her love of anthropomorphic character design, which factors into her art style heavily.

She have ADD, so when she’s creating my comics or pretty much anything, She has a habit of working backwards to what might be a more standard creative process. She end up doing one of two things: either get completely obsessed hyper-focused and plow away day and night, or get so distracted and side-tracked that it takes her forever to finish anything. Her workspace is everywhere….and so are the unfinished ideas to show for it.


Type of Creator 

Artist, Writer


List of Work

Blind Eye

Most other things she makes are commissions for other people


Panel One Member Since

May 25, 2016


Fun Fact

I got into comics and drawing when I met my dear friend and mentor Kelly Tsval in grade 10.

When I’m not working on my comic series I love spending time with my kids and husband David Boyce, playing RPGs, playing board and card games, sewing and designing things to sew (I love making tails and fluffy stuff).

When I am focused on drawing or creating, I’ve been told I stick my tongue out. I’m pretty sure it’s for anything I’m focusing on though, not just drawing.