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  /  Josh Rose
josh rose

Josh Rose

A fan of comics for the last 10 years, and superheroes even longer, Josh Rose has finally found himself pushed over the edge from fan to creator. Auric of the Great White North creators inspired Josh to pitch an idea for an upcoming story (to be announced), and found himself writing a kids mini comic series: Auric’s Tall Tails. Josh will be co-writing with Davis Dewsbury on the next story arc of Auric of the Great White North. He likes long walks on the beach/mountain, pina colada’s and getting caught in the rain.


Type of Creator



List of Work

Auric’s Tall Tails

Auric of the Great White North – to be announced


Panel One Member Since

April 9, 2018


Fun Fact

Josh wrote and drew his own comic strip in university, featuring himself and an anthropomorphic duck.