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  /  Jared Tailfeathers

Jared Tailfeathers

Jared Tailfeathers is a multi-discipline, multi-media performance/interactive installation based Blackfoot artist. Jared’s focus as an artist is to bridge the gap between arts and culture, making work that is designed for large conceptual and multi-media communication and collaboration, including; music, visual arts, light, performance, luthiery, architecture, structure framing, 2D/3D, metalsmithing, narrative, etc. Jared is most well known for making one of a kind musical instruments, musical installations and narrative based conceptual projects.  Jared is a multi-instrumentalist with over 15 years of experience as a musician and builds one of a kind musical instruments, and use them in interactive projects; they build and design working instruments for private collectors, patrons and musicians.

Jared believes that as an artist it is important to build work that encourages interaction and collaboration between artists and the general public. Providing tools and media for people who may not have opportunities to express themselves creatively, and making a public setting for creative output. Jared goes out of my way to do collaborative projects with my art Collective “The Tens Only Collective” or just “Tens Only”, which includes multidisciplinary artists of all practices and medium.

 The Tens Only Collective is a group of Artists of different disciplines that create artistic projects together, including music, 2D, 3D, performance, Theater, dance, pyrotechnics, light shows, gallery art shows, public art, installation art, poetry, writing, film and video. Participating in projects to make giant art/culture shows together, whether it is on an album, doing a stage show, a gallery led show or a festival. The members of the Collective can be as involved as they see fit, participating in multiple projects or a onetime project. The music part of our projects is almost always the first and foremost drive of our projects, so we write albums and play regular pub/bar shows as well. Many of us are sessional musicians who work with broader genres and styles.

Type of Creator:

Artist, Multi-Media, Writer


List of Work:

Spite Comic (find here)


Panel One Member Since:

May 14, 2017