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  /  Graham Moogk-Soulis
Graham Moogk-Soulis

Graham Moogk-Soulis

Graham Moogk-Soulis tells stories. He tells them with pictures, words, and full-body inverted acrobatic semaphore. Graham learned to read thanks to his friends, Asterix, Tin Tin, Calvin, and Hobbes. His first project was, PostScript, a comic strip about the messy aftermath of fairy tales. The strip ran online from 2009 to 2017, and resulted in seven and a half comic strip collections. PostScript became a collaboration in its third year when his brother, Neal, joined him at the writing desk. With PostScript finished, Graham is working on a pair of new projects: one solo, and one in collaboration with his brother and another illustrator. Graham’s influences are broad because he approaches everything with the attitude that there is always something to learn.


Type of Creator

Artist, Illustrator, Writer


List of Work

The PostScript Comic Strip Collections 1-7


Panel One Member Since

April 3, 2018