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  /  Erin Millar

Erin Millar

As much as I love putting words on paper and crafting stories and poems, I must admit the writing of bios has always been a challenge, a nemesis, really – and I’ve had to write many because of my theatre background. I’m just dancing along, trying to get as much done in a day as I possibly can. I write Where She Walks, which I co-create with my brother, Nathan Millar.

I also joyously juggle two jobs I love, P1CCF, classes and all the other good and lovely things in life, like family, friends and a wonderfully supportive boyfriend, who only teases me about being too busy a little bit. Sometimes I actually do yoga, rather than just promising myself some time on the mat. Those days are pretty fantastic. I am a creative-type Vegan with a gym membership, a dog who brings me joy, and a committed love of popcorn.

Peek inside the nutshell and you’ll find: magic, literacy, dark chocolate salted caramels, ecofeminist, lover of art, AFP, graphic storytelling and someone who rarely leaves a bookstore empty-handed. And that’s me in less than 200 words 🙂

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Where She Walks

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March 18, 2015 – Founding Member & President of P1CS!


Artist Credit: Nathan Millar, Profile Photo