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DPI Studios

DPI Studios has been creating character themed artwork for over 12 years, starting with exhibiting at the very first Calgary Expo. Over the years, one of the questions we’d always get asked at shows was, “What’s the story behind the characters?”. We’ve finally decided we need to start telling some of those stories.

DPI Studios was founded by Jaysin and Embrio, but long before DPI Studios was formed, they had been collaborating for years creating their own comic ideas and characters. Sourpuss is one of those comic ideas from way back in the late 90’s.

For Daring Tales, Jaysin approached long time friend Richard Brockhurst to write short stories around the growing roster of Steampunk characters DPI had created over the years. The first of these stories features Dasha and the amazing line work of local Calgary artist Ian Navaro colored by Jaysin.

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Creative Team: Artists, Colourists, Letterers, Publishers, Writers

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Daring Tales 

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February 23, 2017