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  /  David Boyce

David Boyce

Drawing comics since the young age of ten, David Boyce is no stranger to visual storytelling. His early artistic influences came mostly from video game instruction manuals, though he did attend the Alberta College of Art & Design for three years. Drawing upon inspiration from sci-fi, fantasy, and historical fiction, he has experience writing short stories, comics, tabletop role-playing settings, and webcomics.

His ongoing work, The Thousandfold Path, is a comic about a young boy in way over his head trying to save the world from an inter-dimensional menace. The companion series– Byways of the Thousandfold Path– expands the universe through a series of short stories, and is currently focusing on the series antagonist’s first interdimensional adventure. The now-defunct webcomic Struggling Artist Productions detailed David’s own misadventures attending art school.

He also collaborated with Kasmaya Jaxonne and & on two tales for the Blind eye comic series, Basimah, and The Comfort Our Lies Bring, respectively.


Type of Creator

Artist, Writer


List of Work

The Thousandfold Path vol.1&2

Byways of the Thousandfold Path: Poisoned

Friendship vol.1&2

Struggling Artist Productions Collection


Panel One Member Since

May 23, 2016


Fun Fact

I own more toys than an entire 2nd-grade class worth of children put together.