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  /  Chris Morris

Chris Morris

Chris Morris is a writer and a lifelong fan of comic books, having grown up at DC Comics fan but later learning about the greatness of indie comics as well. Chris remembers reading team-up books like Justice League of America, New Teen Titans and DC Comics Presents! as a kid and wanting to write a comic book of his own someday.

Chris is excited to learn how many amazingly talented artists there are in Canada, specifically the talent he’s worked with from Alberta and Saskatchewan. Having been able to travel to the Saskatoon and Edmonton Fan Expos for the past four years as part of his job, it has been a real pleasure meeting and now working with some incredibly talented and creative people from right here! And he looks forward to meeting and working with even more in the future!


Type of Creator

Producer, Writer


List of Work

The Supers: 3rd Best Super-Team in the World #1 (going into it’s 2nd printing)
The Supers: 3rd Best Super-Team in the World Annual #1 (in progress)
The Supers: 3rd Best Super-Team in the World #2 (in progress)


Panel One Member Since

March 28, 2018


Fun Fact

My 9-5 job requires me to drive across country for 10 months out of the year, so while some might see this as terrible, I see it as an opportunity to visit Fan Expos/Comic Cons all over the country and visit as many local comic books stores as I can. Now that I have a published comic book, I look forward to working with local comic book stores all over Canada as well!