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  /  Caanan Graal

Caanan Graal

Caanan Graal is an Australian cartoonist living in Calgary, AB. He travelled to Canada because they have lots of water and Degrassi.

He has a formal degree in advertising/copywriting, and no desire to use it. His big break came with a local Ballarat company, Wizard Books (later illustrating children’s literacy books. Since then he has gone on to do uncountable storyboards, some work for Cambridge Press, and Oxford Press, some self-published comics, and the 180-page Celadore at, a story about monster busting, wish fulfilment, spitting in cereal, and whatever else he could fit in there.

Type of Creator:

Artist, Cartoonist, Writer


List of Work

Not the Imperial Way 

Something Fun

Inside Bat

Defenders vs The Forces of Evil


Panel One Member Since:

November 28, 2016