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  /  Asher J. Klassen

Asher J. Klassen

I was raised in the Peace River country and eventually moved south to study art in the Okanagan Valley. I’ve described myself as a man of bold lines and subtle washes; dark ale and pipe tobacco; fresh paper and secondhand words; old ways and new ideas. In education and in my practice I am variously a cartoonist, illustrator, printmaker, writer, editor, scholar, teacher, and almost wholly preoccupied with the ways humans make meaning by telling stories.

Stories tend to be larger than reality; that is, they are reality, but only insofar as the dragon’s shadow cast across the nursery wall is a child’s hand. They exaggerate the truth of things, not in the common, petty sense of exaggeration but in the manner of an actor who amplifies their gestures upon the stage lest you miss something important. The work I do is generally of two kinds. Mostly it’s of an interpretive sort, with its foundations in truth-seeking and in connecting people through the telling of what I find.

Apart from that, I just try to make rad shit.

Type of Creator:

Cartoonist, Illustrator, Printmaker

List of Works:

Panel One Member Since:

Nay 28, 2016

Fun Fact:

Things like how you got into comics, what you do when you’re not creating comics or a quirky thing you do while you create comics. I occasionally play at medieval re-enactment with the Society for Creative Anachronism, in which I am a mid-15th c. English longbowman known as Lord Ricard of Colchester.