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  /  Alexander Finbow

Alexander Finbow

I’m a writer, who also happens to have the privilege of being the Publisher at Renegade Arts Entertainment, Alberta’s only comic and graphic novel publishing company. My writing includes Canadian historical stories, fantasy, action, and children’ books so far. I’m a founding member of Panel One as well as President of the Book Publishers Association of Alberta.

I truly believe that there is a comic book story for everyone.

If you know someone who tells you that they won’t read comic books, then help them to find their gateway story. I’ve been lucky enough to collaborate with some fantastic artists so far, including Nyco Rudolph (When Big Bears Invade) William Simpson (Shades of Grey) Claude St. Aubin (The Loxleys and Confederation), and Al Davison (Blood Light).  As a publisher, I’m increasingly looking for stories with a distinct voice, stories that are different to what is already out there.

Panel One Member Since:

April 2, 2015 – One of the founding members!

Fun Fact:

I got into creating comics by hiring my favourite comic book artist to draw storyboards for the movie I was making. We then collaborated on a comic book adaptation together.