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panel one comic creator festival
There is a lot of talent to share

P1CCF Programming

Design: Aaron Navrady

Our full line up of panels and workshops is here .

Panels .

12:00 pm Deep Thinking for Comics

This panel is going to dig deep! These scholars and thinkers are going to discuss the underlying assumptions we make about our favourite medium, as well as what formed them and what we should consider in the future.

Tom Miller

Richard Harrison

Hugh Graham

1:30 pm Wishless Insights: Creating Your Own Comic Book Anthology

Get between the pages of the Wishless comics anthology as Nick Johnson and his collaborators discuss the process of making the book. They will explore the creative choices behind their project, the production steps along the way, and how they maintain the project as the creators move out into the world with their stories. Every step of this story is fascinating.


Wrangled by Nick Johnson, facilitated by Jason Mehmel

3:00 pm Q&A Panel with Fiona Staples

This wide-ranging interview will cover both Saga and Fiona’s early work, as well as some of what she’s been reading, playing, and listening to lately! We’ll also accept questions from the audience!

focus on creator-owned experiences, favourite character designs, etc.

4:30 pm Comics Are For Everyone

This fun and engaging panel will celebrate the diversity of content out there and prove that comics really are for everyone. Come find what your new favourite book will be as Erin and Joey moderate a series of creators exploring their love for different books!

Erin Millar

Joey Gruszecki

Workshops .

12:30 pm Using Photo Reference with Fiona Staples

Fiona will take you through her methods of using photo reference to enhance the quality of your figure work!


2:00 pm Methods of Research for Real World / History Comics with Ben Rankel

Ben, having recently finished a book that takes place just before a tragic event in Alberta History, will discuss his process using real-world facts and locations in his fictional story.

5:00 pm Elevate Your Comic Book Storytelling with Nick Johnson

Nick will help boost your storytelling by giving you tips and tricks that make each step of the story shine.

Programming just for KIDS !


Children’s Programming

This year, the Panel One crew wants to make sure your little ones get excited about comics. With our children’s programming, we want to engage children in fun activities that are active, creative and exciting.

Story Time for Kids  (45 minutes)

Gather round for story time with our creators. We will be reading children’s books from our members, including Alex Finbow and Joey Gruszecki.


Super Hero GO! (30 minutes)

Let’s get outside and get moving! We love getting outside to play. With this fun version of the stop, slow, go game, we want to get kids moving and striking their best superhero poses.


Kids Comics Jam (45 minutes)

Comics are fun to draw! Show your comics creativity at our art station with help from one of our creators!