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Phase One – Proposal for Science Centre Exhibit Job Posting ID: P1-190318-000110

Phase One – Proposal for Science Centre Exhibit

If you love science and drawing in the comics format, this will spark your interest.

Job Posting ID: P1-190318-000110

Looking for: Artists, Illustrators

About the Project – Science Centre Exhibit

Science Centres are a place of learning, interaction and fun. While many have permanent exhibits, there are opportunities to showcase new exhibits that showcase the excitement behind science. Neil Campbell is preparing a proposal for a science centre exhibit on the life of a famous scientist.

Campbell would like the proposal to include approx. 10 panels in graphic novel format. At this stage, sketches which capture the essence of each panel would be perfect. These would be preliminary renderings of what might ultimately become very large works.

The panels will be an over-the-top dramatization of key turning points in the life of this scientist — as though he were a superhero, battling his nemesis and struggling to prevail in the face of huge adversity. I imagine the finished work in a style similar to that of Roy Lichtenstein: vivid, high-impact, primary colours, etc.

Campbell has a fairly clear idea of potential content for each panel, but need to work with an artist with lots of experience and great ideas who can help me weave these panels into a compelling narrative.

How to be Considered

You can contact Neil directly at Campbell is looking for interested parties to contact him to schedule a phone call because it is important for Neil to feel that you can work together effectively. During this phone call, Campbell will be happy to answer any and all questions.

If you have work that fits the job posting in terms of format or genre, please send it along with your initial email.


  • Job: Phase One – Proposal for Science Centre Exhibit
  • Project: Sketched for a Science Centre Exhibit Proposal
  • Final Deliverable: approx. 10 panels in a graphic novel format
  • Application Format: an email containing work if it fits format and genre
  • Pay: A flat fee which is based on estimated time and hourly rate standard for this work. Payments would be delivered on a schedule of clear milestones and deliverables.
    “It is important to have a mutual commitment to a specific deadline for completion of all work and final payment”
  • Contact: Neil Campbell
  • How to Apply: email

Download a PDF copy of the job posting.

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