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Panel One is at Calgary Expo

Find our members this weekend!

Want to find Panel One and our members at The Calgary Expo this year? Check out the list below for your favourite P1 creators and go say hello, they love company, just like chinchillas.

Calgary Expo is a great way to meet new creators from around Canada. The large venue may be intimidating, but our guide will help you locate our talented members. If you want to see our members in a more intimate venue, then mark your calendars for May 26, 2018, for the Panel One Comic Creator Festival at the Hillhurst Sunnyside Community Association.



That’s right! We are doing a scavenger hunt this year! We have partnered up with some of our Panel One members for a fun activity that could get you a great swag bag of comics! Visit our booth at BF AA5301, grab your postcard and start collecting your P1 signatures! Hand it in by the end of the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo and you could win a swag bag with participating members’ work!

First, follow us on Facebook or Twitter! Next, tell us who you met or what you pick up! Lastly, use the hashtag #P1AtExpo!


Explore Canadian Creators; Find these P1 Folks at Expo!

Official Guests:

Neil Lalonde

Curt Pires

Kelly Tindall

Sho Uehara

Eric Zawadzki

DPI Studios

Kyle Charles





Aaron Navrady & Travis SengausBF SP5100
Caanan GrallBF AA6003
Crash & Burn (Finn & Kate)BF SP5108
Dan BarnfieldBF AA5107
David Joyce BF AA6008
DPI StudiosBMO 501
Elisa Friesen IllustrationBF AA5608
Eric ZawadzkiCOMIC GUEST!
Futility (Cam & Rick) BF AA5324
G. Gerald Garcia BMO 1612
Graham PowerBF AA5502
Jackson Gee IllustrationBF AA5600
Justin Shauf BF AA5511
Kasmaya Jaxonne and David BoyceBF AA5235/5237
Kelly TindallCOMIC GUEST!
Kelly Tsvahl and Steven Charles RosiaBF AA6124
Kyle Burles BF AA5217
Natalie AsplundBF AA5207
Neil LalondeCOMIC GUEST!
Panel One Comics SocietyBF AA5301
PostScript Comic (Graham & Neal)BF SP5102
RAD PencilsBF AA5308
Renegade Arts Entertainment - Alex and JeffBMO 336
Scott A. FordBF AA5309
ScudsWorth.comBF SP5021
Shea ProulxBF AA5406
Stray Sod BF SP5104
Team Stryker ProductionsBF AA5930
The Saga of the Jack of Spades (Chase)BF SP5011
Tongue in Cheek Comics BF AA6032
Two Gargoyles ComicsBF AA5215