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Panel One Comic Creator Festival

Design: Aaron Navrady

About the Panel One Comic Creator Festival .

Meet your local creators
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Attend the Festival

The Panel One Comic Creator Festival will be on Saturday, June 1, 2019 at the Hillhurst Sunnyside Community Association from 11 -7. $5 entry.

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Table Registration

Table registration opens on February 1, 2019 at 9 am.


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Sponsorship opportunities are available at various support levels. Contact us today to learn how you can support our festival.

panel one comic creator festival

We are walking into the fourth year of the Panel One Comic Creator Festival

We are excited to announce that the fourth annual Panel One Comic Creator Festival is on June 1, 2019, at the Sunnyside Hillhurst Community Association from 11 am – 7 pm.

The Panel One Comic Creator Festival will be going into its fourth year in 2019. With three years of success, our festival is a unique event that fosters pride and awareness around Canadian comic creators and their work. P1CCF is a great chance to spotlight creator-owned work and allow fans to connect to the creators in a whole new way!


In the beginning…

In January of 2016, the dream of a festival was born with one single tweet. This tweet brought a group of founding Panel One members together. This group saw an opportunity to expose local creators to the greater Calgary community.  The first year saw 30 comic creators table and just over 200 Calgarians come to enjoy the festival. Now, entering our fourth year, the festival has increased to over 50 creators from various provinces in Canada. We are proud of the growth our festival has seen over the last three and cannot believe the amount of new and returning faces we see year over year!


Event Information

Panel One Comic Creator Festival

June 1, 2019 | 11 am – 7 pm

Sunnyside Hillhurst Community Association

Entry is $5

Children 12 and under are free!

P1CCF Programming

Queer Comics11:30 amListen to these creators speak about their projects, and to explore the themes they work with within them. We will also begin a conversation within this panel regarding queer identity and how it pertains to their comics.Moderator: Jillian Fleck
Panelists: Ryan Danny Owen
Kyle Simmers
Liz McCord (& Archie)
Finn Lucullan
Comics are for Kids! (with story time)12:30 pmWe often start with comics in our youth, but tend to move towards different stories as we get older. This panel will celebrate and present the comics that still focus on telling stories to younger people, or the youthful at heart.Joey Gruszeck
Alexander Finbow
Shea Proulx
Horror Comics1:30 pmA panel to discuss the current state of horror comics, calling out some highlights from the genre's history, and the work local creators are exploring.Moderator: Joey Gruszecki
Kelly Tsvahl
Nick Johnson
Nicole Gruszecki
Deep Thinking For Comics: Format Inheritance 2:30 pm This year our deep thinkers discuss why comics look the way they do, from the history of how they are made to the cultural assumptions we carry into the books we create and consume today.Moderator: Jason Mehmel
Richard Harrison
Stephanie Chan
Tom Miller
Hugh Graham
Comics are for Everyone! 3:30 pmMany people assume that to read comics you need to have some prior knowledge or affiliation. This panel breaks through that barrier by presenting excellent stories that can appeal to anyone.Moderator: Malory Lyness
Ashley Hartley
Joey Gruzsecki
Shoichi Uehara
'Roll' Playing Games and Comics4:30 pm Doodling at the gaming table means that comics and role playing games are overlapping interests for lots of folks. This panel will discuss everything from making stories from your games, to comics that have inspired their own work.Moderator: Jillian Dolan
Trevor Gieske
Kelly Tsvahl
State of the Industey5:30 pmFounder of Renegade Arts Entertainment, Alexander takes you behind the curtain of the comic and graphic novel industry. He will explore the bookstore vs. comic store system, show some realistic numbers of the market, and discuss the different levels of careers creators can have in the industryAlexander Finbow

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