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Panel One Anthology

Panel One Anthology

Panel One is getting into the anthology game!

We are offering creators the opportunity to have their work printed. Going forward, we hope to amass a collection of work that will merit mass market publication. To begin with, we are going to be producing some slim volumes that will be available to creators for fundraising, similar to our calendar model.

Free copies will be given free to contributors, dependant on the number of pages an artist or writer contributes to. We are currently planning the first two issues of our series which will be called “Panel One Presents”.

Issue One


June 20, 2019

email them to:


REBIRTH: mythological, medical, metaphorical

Additional Information

Please pitch us an idea that includes a character who goes through some form of transformation, one so extreme that they could be said to have been reborn. A monster awakens. The limits of the human body are transcended. Someone finds themselves anew, after a great change. Take your pick!

Our planned production timeline for issue one is to have approval for pitches completed by July 2. We will require finished work by August 15 with a planned launch for the first issue at Edmonton Comic Expo.

Issue Two


Sep 01, 2019

email them to:


OOPS: Mistakes, Accidents (happy or otherwise), Mishaps, Misadventures.

Submission Guidelines

In your submissions please answer the following questions and mind these suggestions:

How many pages will your story span? We expect pitches for work a minimum of one-half page and a maximum of 4 pages in length. Pages will be printed at about 9 x 6 inches. Finished work must be submitted as 300dpi cmyk, jpgs or pngs.

Do you have an illustrator on board?  Please feel free to illustrate your own work, or to band together in working partnerships of your choosing. We will also gladly accept prose pieces and pinups that fit the chosen theme. We can also try to help pair up writers with artists and vice versa if you don’t have a collaborator.


We are committed to diversity, in content and creation.

Do you own this idea? Are you at liberty to sell it? YOU MUST OWN YOUR IDEA. We will only print original concepts and characters. Please do not pitch ideas for characters you do not have the rights to, or are planning to sell the rights for. You must be able to allow us to print this work, and to reprint it.

If you have a script, or some art, feel free to include it in your submission. All that is required is your story idea at this point, and your pitch MUST not take more than a page to explain.

We would like to be able to sell this work in a variety of situations and locations. Extremely adult content may make this difficult for us. I mean, we want you to be creative, and weird, and maybe sort of gross sometimes, but to also think…could this content sit on a table in a regular store? Or is this for a “special” store.

We are less interested in superheroes, and in violent or hyper-sexualized people, than the rest of the comics industry may have led you to believe. This is not to say that works containing these things will be rejected outright, but we are committed to demonstrating the breadth of subject matter that is possible in the medium.

If a character in your story is a victim of systemic abuse (body-shaming, racial, misogynist, homophobic, ageist, ablest, or other-wise) you best have a real good reason for it, and it better be an amazing story, and even then…we’re going to have to think it over a lot more than we would have otherwise. So much.

That’s it for now! We can’t wait to see your plans and to create something we can all be proud of and raise the funding necessary to keep our programs and most of all our festival inexpensive and sustainable THANKS!