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Monster Cards

Dungeons and Dragons – Monster Cards

If your love Dungeons and Dragons, you will love this opportunity!

Job Posting ID: P1-180409-000100

Looking for: Illustrators


About the Project – Monster Cards

I want to help people run great Dungeons and Dragons games. I work with a designer (Colin) on a set of tarot-sized cards that we think will make playing Dungeons and Dragons easier and more fun. Each card features reference material for a monster on one side and an illustration of that monster on the other. A rendering of the cards can be found here:
Colin and I have been working on Monster Cards in our spare time for about nine months. We tested the product idea first with a website ( and now by prototyping physical cards with some of our friends.
The website has been well received by the Dungeons and Dragon community and we’re learning what’s important to people and iterate on our ideas. Now we’re focusing our attention back to the original vision of bringing the same handy resource directly to the playing table.

Where We’re At

We are planning a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to pay for illustration work and an initial print run. Ultimately we hope to create up to 75 unique cards depending on how the Kickstarter campaign goes and what is possible with the printing partner we choose.
We’re looking for someone that would be interested in helping to produce the artwork! One full side of each card will be an illustration of a creature (goblin, dragon, giant rat, stone golem etc.) to be printed at roughly 4″ x 6″.
This will be paid work. Please include page rates with your submission to be considered (details below).
If this sounds interesting to you please reach out with a portfolio and rates. We hope to bring this project to Kickstarter in the next couple months and imagine going to print in Fall 2018.

How to Be Considered

You can contact Evan Gillespie directly at Please include a link to portfolio work and two quotes for your page rate, one for line art and one for colour illustrations.
Colin and I will review all the portfolio submissions to find an art style which fits with our vision at a rate that the project can afford. After reviewing the submissions, we will contact a small number of artists to talk in more detail before making a final decision. Only those artists included in the final group will be contacted.


  • Job: approximately 75 illustrations of various fantasy creatures
  • Project: Physical cards showing D&D monster information
  • Final Deliverable: digital format illustrations, ready to print on 4″x6″ cards
  • Application Format: an email containing a portfolio link and page rate rage
  • Pay: Varies. Please include rates in your submission.
  • Contact: Evan Gillespie.
  • How to Apply: email Evan Gillespie directly at

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