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Join the P1 Programming Team!

Committee Members Needed

VOLUNTEER ID: P1-180808-1000-201

Our new programming committee needs you!

We are looking for dedicated, passionate volunteers to help with the programming committee for Panel One! These events encompass both the workshops and panels that we program through the year as well as the workshops and panels we host on the day of the Festival itself!

These events are a wonderful way for creators to listen and learn from each other, as well as sparking conversations about our craft, our community, and each other. Be a part of making that happen!

The programming committee is responsible for:
  • helping conceive of the programming events
  • soliciting membership and public for programming events
  • helping organize the events
  • scheduling them
  • confirming attendance and technical needs
  • ensuring smooth production
  • soliciting feedback to adapt future programming to current response

The committee will receive requirements for programming from the Panel One board executive and will work closely with the board to ensure that the programming is aligned with the goals of The Panel One Society and its festival.

How to apply:

Please fill out to following application form!

Applicants will be contacted for a further interview.