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Comic Life by GDC AB South

Panel One is excited to share that a three of our members are panellists for Comic Life by GDC Alberta South Chapter!


The following is from GDC’s event page: 

GDC Alberta South Chapter proudly presents…
Comic Life

Seven comic professionals talk about their paths in in comics and publishing today.

  • Jillian Fleck
  • Tyler Jenkins
  • Nick Johnson
  • Troy Nixey
  • Ben Rankel
  • Riley Rossmo
  • Dave Whamond

Panel One panellists:

Jillian Fleck

Jillian is a multidisciplinary comic creator from Calgary, Alberta. They received their Bachelors of Fine Art from the Alberta College of Art and Design in 2012, and a Masters of Letters in Comic Studies from the University of Dundee in 2016. Fleck’s graphic novel Lake Jehovah was released in 2016 by Conundrum Press. At present they continue to work independently on their own comics, webcomics, and creative projects. See more of Jillian’s works.

Nick Johnson

Nick is an Illustration graduate from the Alberta College of Art + Design. Based out of Calgary, Alberta, he has provided work for children’s books, advertising, animation and comic books. Fresh from a year long stint as the Art Director for New Machine Studios, he now freelances as a comic book artist and designer while moonlighting as the bass player for the band Me Three. He finds inspiration in Canadian literature, horror films, and the ghosts of utopia. See Nick’s work.

Ben Rankel

Ben is a comic book artist & writer currently working on the original graphic novel FRANK (Renegade Arts Entertainment), a historical murder mystery set during one of Canada’s worst natural disasters. It’s scheduled to be released in 2017. Other notable comics credits include two Rat Queens shorts: “GARY” (Image Comics) and “The Absent King”(Comixology), as well as “Faulty Pump” (Fight! Comics/Comixology).

His comics, illustration and design work for Sidney York’s 2015 album. More from Ben Rankel.

Other incredible panellists:

Tyler Jenkins

Tyler is a dude who draws comics, makes art and music and on occasion barbecues a mean back of ribs. Notable accomplishments this year include, primarily, launching the series “Grass Kings” with Matt Kindt and Boom! Studios. Tyler is best known for creating “Peter Panzerfaust” with Kurtis Wiebe and handling art duties on “Snow Blind” with Ollie Masters and “Neverboy” with Shaun Simon. Tyler lives in rural Alberta Canada with his wife, 3 small child like creatures and more gophers than you can shove in a tin pail. Find him on Instagram.

Troy Nixey 

Troy began his storytelling career in the early nineties drawing “Dead world” and “Bill The Clown”. Over the years he has worked on other notable comics, including “Batman: The Doom that Came to Gotham”, Neil Gaiman’s “It’s only the End of the World Again”, Matt Wagner’s “Grendel: Black, White and Red”,“Harely Quinn” and “Bacon”. Nixey also co-created the comic mini-series “Jenny Finn” with Mike Mignola and the critically acclaimed comic “Trout”, his most personal work. See more works from Troy Nixey here.

Riley Rossmo

Riley graduated from the Alberta College of Art + Design in 2004. He began his career in editorial and advertising illustration. Riley”s works have appeared in publications such as Scratch, Avenue, Up, Calgary Inc. and Swerve (Calgary Herald). As well, his illustrations have been featured in Applied Arts and CMYK. He has produced work for Star Choice, ESPN, and Jump Studios. See Riley’s works.

Dave Whamond’s

Dave illustrations have been published in Sports Illustrated, Psychology Today, Owl, Readers Digest, National Geographic World, Boston Globe, and the Wall Street Journal.

He has worked on numerous major national ad campaigns including Canadian Superstore, Coke, Barqs, Tim Hortons, McDonald’s, Visa, Chrysler, Canadian Tire and Taco Bell. See Dave’s works.